What Makes Our Macarons So Special?

The Shells

Macarons traditionally are two meringue shells made with almond flour, egg whites, powder sugar, and granulated sugar. Traditionally these are circular. Create Cafe prides themselves in making shapes from your basic 1 color star or paw prints to layers like our pencil or Reindeer.


The Fillings

 Our fillings are different in textures and in tastes. All our ingredients are gluten-free. Our buttercream is butter, powder sugar and flavor oils. We also make a fruit puree that we will fold into the buttercream for a full flavor. Our ganache is made of white or milk chocolate pieces tempered to a pipeable state.


Love and Care

Our macarons are best when eaten fresh! Keep them on the counter for one week of freshness, store in the fridge for one month, or freeze them in an air tight container for 6 months! But let's be real, they aren't going to last for very long once you take them home! If you do freeze them, take them out of the freezer for an hour before you plan to consume them.